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9th December 2019

Out Of The Ordinary: Alternative Pool Table Games

1. One Pocket Pool – For the Pros

– Balls are placed into the rack randomly 
– Each player picks a pocket 
– This is the pocket they will have to pot their balls in to for the entire game 
– 1 point is scored for every ball potted into their nominated pocket 
– When a player reaches 8 points they win the game 
– Players lose 1 point every time they foul

2. Stunt Pool

Here the same rules as 8 ball are applied apart from the fact that straight shots are not allowed Players can only make shots using the below: 

– Swerve Shot – here the cue is held almost vertical to create a large amount of spin on the cue ball 
 – Jump Shot – here the cue ball must bounce over an obstructing ball 
 – Bank Shot – Any shot that uses the cushion 

 Feel free to add in your own “stunt shots”

3. Opposite-Handed Pool – for a laugh

– If you’re bored of playing regular pool then why not give this game a go 
– Ask each player to use their cue in the opposite way 
– This will make the game much more difficult ….and a little funnier
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