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21st May 2020

UK Pool Table Dimensions

One Pocket Pool – For the Pros

Wondering what size pool table will fit in your allocated space?

Read our handy guide to get to know the dimensions of a 6 x 3 foot and a 7 x 4 foot standard UK table.

6 x 3 Foot

6 x 3 foot tables are circa 183cm in length and 111cm in width. Different models of tables do vary slightly. 
The playing area of a 6 x 3 pool table is 160cm x 83cm.
6 x 3 Pool Table Dimensions
7 x 4 foot pool table dimensions

7 x 4 Foot

7 x 4 foot pool tables are around 213cm in length and 122cm in width. Please note some models do vary slightly from these measurements. 

The playing area of a 7 x 4 pool table is 183cm x 91.5cm.
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