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VDarts H3L Electronic Dartboard

The latest electronic dartboard to hit the UK, in association With Devon Petersen

VDarts H3L Electronic Dartboard

£499.00 £345.00

Brand new to the UK market, VDarts H3L electronic dartboard features over 20 different games plus online global match. Buy now with free UK delivery.

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How To Play:

  • Connect the board via bluetooth to either your phone or tablet
  • Download the VDartsGame app from your App Store
  • Start playing!
  • As you play darts the app will display your scores and show who is winning

The Games:

Global Match - Connect your tablet to the internet to play global match. This game matches you with another opponent from across the globe who you can play by utilising a web cam.

Medley- Create your own league of games and play like the pros

01Game - From 301 to 1501, play traditional darts but let the VDarts board to all of the maths

Cricket - Often played on traditional boards, this set of games is great fun as you claim numbers as your own to score points

Funzone - A unique set of fun games from Tic Tac Toe to Fighting Seven, these games set the VDarts board apart from any traditional game

Practice - Play a variety of fun target practice games, developed to increase your darts skills

Product Details

  • Powered by standard 13 amp plug
  • Connect the board via Bluetooth to your phone or tablet and play games using the VDartsGame app
  • Includes 6 soft tip darts and 100 spare tips
  • Stunning LED design
  • 24.41 " H x 23.23" W x 2.76" D
  • Please note the tablet or phone is not included, this is the price for the VDart board only

In Association with Devon Petersen

Devon loves VDarts and can often be found playing on Global Match! Can you spot him?
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